Freelance performer, teacher, and choreographer.

Photos by Mathias Schwarz

What I do

Performing, teaching, choreographing, assisting, rehearsal directing -


    About Me

    I have passion for motion. I am a creative thinker and a problem solver, a constructivist and sometimes a human. I enjoy movement, researching and sharing.

    I thrive in a process oriented environment where I am constantly learning and expanding my horizons.

    Interdisciplinary work inspires me. Searching for connections and ways to express them.

    Whether it is creating or teaching, choreographing, assisting, rehearsing or directing I am always looking to see ideas come to life – moments when we move with them and are being moved by them.

    ‘’As choiceful movers, we can acknowledge differing aspects of ourselves, using all of who we are in our lives to be responsive both to ourselves and our world. We can be attentive to change as movement wherever it exists and mindful of our participation in it. ‘’

    P. Hackney