: on-line piece by Marta Rak
: performed by students of the first year - Iwanson International School for Contemporary Dance

How do we perceive digital content? Open interpretation, subjective contextualization, depending on pixels and their captivating dance on the screen.
How close are we to what we transmit digitally and is it becoming a more and more accurate image of who we are?
The process of creation was research of various options with software as a stage. In the search of ways to translate three-dimensional spatial structures into two dimensions, performative experience needed to be based on the empirical experience of digital media.
Ambiguous, as in open for more interpretations, not clear or decided.
Do you have it pixel clear?

Contemporary Dance | Iwanson International | TEDxTUM

The goal of every performer is to express their feelings and ideas through their art. In their custom-created routine, the dancers of Iwanson International take us on a journey through their interpretation of the event theme “Dive In”. In doing so, they help us understand that there is much more to the craft of contemporary dance than meets the eye.

Song: “Window” by HVOB
Choreography: Marta Rak in collaboration with the dancers
Artistic Directors: Johannes Härtl and Marie Preußler

The dancers at Iwanson International are more than performers: they are true virtuosos at their art. Emboldened by the belief that the world needs more art, these contemporary dancers connect with audiences to illustrate what the body is capable of doing.

As one of the top academies in Europe for contemporary dance, Iwanson International has created a reputation for itself since its founding in 1974. The academy welcomes students from around the world—currently teaching students of 26 different nationalities. Iwanson International is under the direction of Johannes Härtl and Marie Preußler.

In addition to the regular curriculum objectives, students can also partake in Iwanson International’s extracurricular program. Through this exchange program, students can take their education to new heights while gaining a priceless cultural perception of another culture. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


- to nourish the appreciation of curiosity within each student or professional while keeping my own as a guide, I strive to connect in interacting with ideas that stimulate greater awareness of different phisicality aspects.  While entering the realm of exploration in understanding of notions we experience movements' potential and its immense expressive capacities. - M. Rak

Teaching in a vocational education program at  Iwanson International or teaching workshops, my goal is to share my moving experience while facilitating one.

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